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Frequently Asked Questions

indic8 is a pinnacle of research done by a group of traders and AI specialists in the field of market price pattern recognition. Traders from long time ago noticed that market moves in patterns. We designed a method that helps identify and verify harmonic chart patterns and after countless hours of development and testing, the technology was ready. Chart Pattern Analytics website packages this technology in simple and clean form for user convenience.

We use cutting-edge technology and systems available out there. The way the patterns are recognised is highly advantageous to any trader as we use algorithms with precision which have been rigorously tested. Incoming data-feed is first processed by a market scanner for preliminary selection of patterns, post which the potential patterns put through various tests ensure that a pattern has correct parameters. After the patterns are filtered via AI validator which uses self-learning algorithm to finally select most probable patterns. This final pattern is then drawn and sent to customers. See How Signals Are Generated for detailed description of the process.

No, CPA (ChartPatternAnalytics) is purely for educational purposes which certainly supplements your trading abilities. We have weekly newsletters, and discuss the signals every week with our in-house researchers and traders to post educational materials on our websites, blogs and email newsletters.

We encourage our members to leave feedback on the app stores so we can constantly improve our apps. CPA works great on iOS, Android and Windows devices and we are looking to add more widgets. We will continue to polish and tweak so please rate us (hopefully 5 stars!). Also, leave a recommendation and we promise we will listen to you.

For anything else, just raise a relevant ticket through our supporting system and we will always get back with an answer as soon as we can. Contact us below.

Although it is very highly unlikely that you would go through a technical glitch as we have thoroughly tested the systems, we will always be there if you need any technical support to either install the apps, or setup your account. Just rise new support request here using our Ticket Support System and we will respond to you as soon as possible. Just ask from support option on page down. 

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indic8 uses a powerful concept which has been used by generation of traders with great results. At indic8, we have applied latest advancements of Computer Science and General

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indic8 uses a powerful concept which has been used by generation of traders with great results. At indic8, we have applied latest advancements of Computer Science and General

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